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ANN CHERY Slimming Cold Gel 4 oz + FREE Lipo Express Thermoactive Hot Gel 1 oz

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ANN CHERY Slimming Cold Gel 4 oz

  • Eliminates the accumulated fat

  • Increases skin oxygenation

  • Stimulates blood circulation

LIPO EXPRESS Thermoactive Reducing Hot Gel

  • Fat Reducer Gel

  • Flashes Out Toxins

  • Burns Excess Fat

  • Stimulates Blood Circulation

  • 1 Oz

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ANN CHERY Slimming Cold Gel 4 oz

  • Properties: The Ann Chery Slimming Cold Gel is a product that can be applied in a specific area to burn fat accumulation, helping in this way to reduce your corporal measurements. The product is a proprietary blend of Menthol and Camphor, that cause a cooling process in the treated area to reduce fat accumulation, improve circulation and generate a lymphatic drainage in conjunction with the ivy extracts and focus. Firming - Anti Cellulite with chamomile extracts.
  • Application: Apply with gentle circular massage in the chosen area until completely absorbed.
  • Components: Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Chamomilla, Recutita Extract, Equisetum Arvense Extract, Menthol, Alcanfor, Carbomero, Triethanolamine, Water, and Alcohol.
  • Precautions: External use only, keep out of reach of children, discontinue use if you notice any skin reaction.

LIPO EXPRESS Thermoactive Reducing Hot Gel

Achieving weight loss and a desired slimmer silhouette is difficult and long process that can thankfully be made easier with the Lipo Express Thermoactive Hot Gel. This home-application fat reducing gel acts as an anti-inflammatory and flushes out toxins with a warming sensation. The fat burning gel should be applied before bed and worn overnight so it doesn't interfere with your day and allows you to wear other waist cincher. This thermoactive gel was designed to provide long-term results as it detoxifies your cells so it should be paired with regular exercise. The makers of this fat reducing aid recommend to apply the gel before your workout for optimal results. The Lipo Thermoactive Gel reduces all-over swelling via a safe and comfortable gel that can be applied at home. WARNING: YOU WILL FEEL A HOT SENSATION AFTER APPLYING ON YOUR BODY AND IT WILL LAST FOR 10 MINUTES.

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